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17 Jul 2013

The other night, I played Carcassonne: The Discovery for the fist time.

It’s a pretty simple game (apparently created as a simpler variant of the original Carcassonne board game). You basically place tiles made up of combinations of mountains, sea and grassland. Tiles can only be placed of all the adjacent tiles have matching terrain at the connecting edge. You have 4 followers that you can place in any of the areas and you score points through a few rules (like you score points for each city in the banks containing the sea your follower is in, etc.). And that’s basically the game.

In the two-player game, it took us just over an hour to play and we were new to the game. It was simple, but not so simple that you could easily work out the best strategy. Easy to pick up, probably only moderately difficult to master.

Would play again.

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