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I'd Rather Go to Hell

30 Jul 2013

It really frustrates me when people say things like ‘I’d rather go to hell than …’ – it’s a totally ridiculous statement. As far as Christianity goes, the definition of hell is that nobody would want to go there. The Bible doesn’t say much about hell, but it is pretty clear that, no matter what the circumstances, you don’t want to be there.

Saying you’d rather go to hell than, say, a ‘homophobic heaven’ (cf. just makes no sense. If you believe in hell, you wouldn’t want to be there even if, for example, you had to rip off your legs in heaven, hell would still be worse.

Desmond Tutu goes on to say that he would never worship a homophobic God. This is also ridiculous (though the ridiculousness is slightly more difficult to show than for his statement about hell). If God exists and you believe something about him, you’re probably going to worship him – well, that’s if you’re not throwing out a bunch of other stuff about God, say, his omniscience and his benevolence. If you believe that God is omniscient and benevolent, then whatever he wants for us is going to be good for us. There’s just no debate about this.

I could handle someone saying God didn’t exist (though I would disagree), I could handle someone saying God doesn’t have much to say about homosexuality, but I just can’t handle someone saying ‘God doesn’t have anything against homosexuality because I couldn’t live with him if he did’ – that’s just bending reality to fit your particular world view and, though we all do it, it doesn’t help us in our search for truth.

Summary: say God doesn’t exist, say homosexuality is good, say anything you like, but don’t say that because you don’t want it to be true it isn’t.

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