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2 Peter – What I Learnt

28 Jan 2019


What I Learnt from Studying 2 Peter

For the last 4 weeks, I’ve been studying and writing about 2 Peter. I learnt a lot. 2 Peter touched on a lot of heavy theological topics, primarily the responsibility Christians have to live holy lives (a.k.a. works), false teaching and the end times.

2 Peter: Introduction

  1. Though 2 Peter is included in the canon (and thus for most of us the debate is over), many throughout the church’s history have questioned its status as a canonical book

  2. I stil believe 2 Peter was most likely written by Peter, but I’m increasingly in the minority with this view

2 Peter 1

  1. Godly means ‘devoutly religious; pious’ (OED) not ‘being like God’ like I thought it meant

  2. The tension surrounding the balance between God’s effort and human effort is not as easily handled as I thought

2 Peter 2

  1. False teaching is not new (it was in the Old Testament, it was in the New Testament, and it’s around today) – one of the marks of false teaching is bringing in philosophy from outside the church, which is something I’ve done in the past and am probably still doing today without knowing

  2. The day of judgement is real – and it matters what we do now

2 Peter 3: Cosmic Eschatology

  1. Eschatology is complex and anyone who says they know for sure about the details is more confident than I think is warranted

  2. Of the eschatological perspectives I researched, amillennialist idealism makes most sense to me (but I hold it loosely)

  3. Eschatology matters for us today, knowing that Jesus will return to judge the world should spur us on to holiness

What I Learnt from Writing about 2 Peter

It seems like a good idea to add titles to each post.

I added a title ‘Cosmic Eschatology’ to the post on 2 Peter 3. It’s not the best title, I didn’t give a lot of thought to it, it was just a phrase that I saw when I was researching the post. I’d like to add titles to future posts as it makes it easier to search through them and find particular ones but also it might make them more attractive to Google.

Next Week

Next, for a change of pace, I’ll be reading and studying Amos. It’ll be the first time I’ve seriously looked into an Old Testament prophet and I have very little idea what I’ll find.